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Featured Manila Blogger #04:

Henzel Gapay | http://henzellovestosmile.com

Full Name: Henzel Jarencio Gapay

Age: 22

School/Work: Property Consultant for Megaworld Corporation

When did you start blogging and who/what influenced you to do so? I started about a year ago. Tumblr always have a special place inside my heart. I started reblogging things I see on my dash, then I got more personal on my posts and then I started my very own happiness project. My blog was made to people smile. I promised myself that I’ll always give people a reason to smile.

Describe your blog. I call it my Happiness Project. As I begin my journey to total bliss, I made sure to take my readers as well. I post from random thoughts to personal things. My experiences in life helped me build up my happiness project. I believe that smiling is contagious, and that’s what keeps me going every single day. If I can make a single soul smile, I know I already made a difference. You know, sometimes the little things you do for other people, really do occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

What makes your blog unique or different from the rest? I think that it’s full of happy thoughts. I want to reach out to people. I want to make them smile. 

How do you want people to remember you? I want them to remember me as the girl who loves to smile.

What do you want to say to your followers/readers and your fellow bloggers? Thank you. And after all this time, keep smiling. :)

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